Audit & Assurance


The audits we prepare adhere to all professional standards issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. We have to demonstrate our on-going commitment to exacting quality and technical standards.

Audits provide a cornerstone to financial reporting. They furnish valuable and reliable information to banks, tax authorities and others who desire to make financial decisions and we feel that in order to perform effective audits, we must not only audit our clients financial records, but we must also be familiar with our clients operations, the industries in which they operate and the economic events which have impacted upon their businesses.


Our approach to your audit can transform what is deemed an unnecessary overhead by many SMEs into a valuable annual health check for company directors.

Whilst annual accounts are required to meet your business statutory obligations, if they are prepared in a timely and economical way, they can provide valuable information for decision making.

We actively manage the timing of the accounts finalization process to ensure that you meet your statutory responsibilities and through this information, take advantage of early tax planning opportunities.


  • Independent assessment of systems, controls and procedures to check their efficacy, keeping the clients business needs in focus.
  • Constructive and objective review of operations with a view to improve all round efficiency.
  • Identification of areas for cost reduction and revenue optimisation, suggestion of recommendations along with assistance in implementation.
  • Confirmation of proper compliance with the various statutory and regulatory provisions and operational manuals.
  • Risk-based evaluation of internal controls and financial accounting