Statement of Ethical Practices

These Principles are fundamental to the conduct of our business and must not be compromised. Everyone within G.R.KUMAR & Co. LLP (GRK) is responsible for observing these Business Principles.

COMMUNICATION : We recognise the vital role that clear and effective communication plays in sustaining business relationships and safeguarding public confidence in GRK’s activities. Openness and transparency of operations, appropriate to the expectations of respective audiences, are a key business goal, subject to the demands of commercial confidentiality. It is also recognised that effective internal communication is important to the success of GRK, and central to sustaining our corporate values.

THIRD PARTIES : When we operate in conjunction with third parties, or with associated companies or in joint ventures we always seek to promote the application of these Business Principles. More specifically, business integrity is a key standard for the selection and retention of those who represent and work for GRK. Representatives, consultants or third-party professionals must signify their willingness to accept and comply with the GRK’s policies and procedures, and they will only be retained on terms that are consistent with the Firm’s values and these Business Principles.

CLIENTS : We aim to deliver client satisfaction by developing and maintaining mutually profitable and lasting relationships with clients, offering value in terms of price, safety and quality and responding to client’s needs through continuous innovation.

ECONOMIC PRIORITIES : GRK is a professional audit firm operating in and subject to the forces of the private sector. We pursue corporate opportunities that provide an appropriate return in order to discharge GRK’s responsibilities and to remain in profession. While our focus is primarily economic, yet we take proper account of social and environmental considerations and also recognise that many of GRK’s activities will be subject to regulation.


  • INTEGRITY: We are committed to integrity and consistently high ethical standards in all our professional dealings.
  • TRUST: Effective business relationships inside and outside GRK are possible only with high levels of trust between the parties.
  • OPENNESS: We seek to be open and straightforward, subject to commercial confidentiality.
  • PARTNERSHIP: We seek to play our full role in stimulating the sharing of information, knowledge, experience and skills both within GRK and, where appropriate, externally.
  • TEAMWORK: Just as GRK depends on value-enhancing teamwork between our complementary businesses, teamwork and common cause pervade all our activities, including relations with our partners.
  • PERSONAL CONDUCT: We expect the highest levels of personal conduct from everyone within GRK, regardless of position. Honesty, integrity and fairness form the cornerstones of relationships inside and outside GRK. Everyone within GRK is required to avoid any conflicts of interest between their personal activities and the business of GRK. Everyone is required to make proper use of firm’s assets.
  • WORK ENVIRONMENT: The welfare of employees/partners is an essential principle for GRK. We aim to provide all GRK employees with competitive terms of employment. All employees will be encouraged to play a full part in personal career development through progressive human resource and training arrangements. We are committed to equal opportunities and the avoidance of discrimination.
  • CORPORATE CONDUCT & COMPLIANCES: We comply with and also encourage all our clients to comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and licence requirements in the places where we operate. We aim to co-operate fully with government and regulatory bodies. We apply high standards of corporate governance to the operation of all clients.
  • PERFORMANCE & DELIVERY: We conduct our operations using systems, which reflect best industry practice, and we seek to deliver continual improvement by ensuring that lessons are learned. Performance and timely delivery are core values in our business and all working for GRK are accountable for its delivery. A safe and secure working environment is fundamental to business success and we seek to protect our personnel, physical assets, information and Firm reputation from harm.